Terms of sale and warranty

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Warranty (hereinafter the General Terms and Conditions) apply between Dever Ltd (hereinafter the Seller, the Party or Parties) and the Buyer (hereinafter the Buyer, the Party or Parties). If the Parties enter into a separate written sales contract, the General Terms and Conditions shall apply only if they do not contradict what has been separately agreed in the sales contract.

Legislation established in the Republic of Estonia is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions.

1. Conditions for Confirmation, Cancellation and Withdrawal of the Order

1.1 The offer is valid according to the period indicated in it or 10 days from its submission.
1.2 The basis of the debt relationship between the Seller and the Buyer is the Buyer’s acceptance of the offer submitted by the Seller and the order drawn up and entered into force accordingly, on the basis of which the Buyer has made an advance payment.
1.3 The Buyer may cancel or change the order free of charge before the order enters into force. No changes can be made to an effective order.
1.4 The order enters into force upon receipt of the prepayment amount requested from the Buyer or upon confirmation of the order by the Buyer if no prepayment has been requested.
1.5 Cancellation of an order by the Buyer shall be deemed, inter alia, non-payment of a prepayment within 10 days of submitting a prepayment request (ie prepayment invoice) and non-payment or non-receipt of the product within 30 days after notifying the Buyer of the order. If the buyer cancels the order, the advance payment will not be refunded.
1.6 The measurements of the window coverings are displayed in millimeters and in the form width x height.
1.7 Quotation contains all the necessary details for the installation of blinds.

2. Order Price and Payment Terms

2.1 The price of the product and / or service and the conditions of its payment are indicated in the order confirmation and on the invoice prepared on the basis of the order confirmation. VAT is added to the prices according to the VAT rate established in the Republic of Estonia. Interest on overdue amounts (excluding prepayment) is 0.05% per day.
2.2 The Buyer undertakes to pay an advance payment of 50% of the order amount. The prepayment is paid on the basis of the prepayment invoice. Once the prepayment has been received, the order will work.
2.3 The Buyer undertakes to pay the final amount of the order, from which the advance payment has been deducted, before receiving the product, no later than within 30 days after the completion of the product and receipt of the notice. Upon contesting the invoice, the Buyer is obliged to pay the undisputed part of the invoice by the due date.

3. Order Delivery Time, Delivery and Quality Conditions

3.1 The calculation of the product delivery time starts from the moment the order takes effect. The order takes effect when the prepayment is received. If it is necessary to perform a control measurement after the order has entered into force, the calculation of the product delivery time starts from the moment of confirming the results of the control measurement.
3.2 The delivery time of the product is fixed in the order confirmation. The Seller shall notify the Buyer of the completion of the product at the contacts provided by the Buyer.
3.3 If the Seller finds out that the delivery deadline cannot be met, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer. If the delay is not due to force majeure and causes significant inconvenience to the Buyer, the Buyer may withdraw from the order in full or in part if the delivery is delayed for more than 30 days compared to the original delivery time. If the Buyer agrees to a new delivery time, the Seller shall not pay a fine or compensate for damages for the delay, nor shall the Seller be liable to the Buyer for any other damage caused by the delay.
3.4 The transport and installation service ordered by the Buyer shall be provided after full payment for the products and shall take place at a time mutually agreed between the Seller and the Buyer.
3.5 The Buyer undertakes to ensure transport and unobstructed and safe access to the installation site by the Seller’s employees.
3.6 The installation site of the product must be clean (ie that there must be no obstructions at the installation site and the road leading to it. There must also be no valuable objects on the installation site or the road leading to it that could damage the product during transport and installation). The installation site must have access to the mains. The installation site and its surroundings must be covered and protected by the customer himself so that dust generated by the installation does not damage the customer’s objects.
3.7 In sections 3.5 and 3.6. In case of non-compliance with the conditions set out in
3.8 The Buyer undertakes to ensure the presence of himself or his authorized representative upon delivery of the product and receipt of the product and service.
3.9 The Buyer undertakes to check the conformity of the quantity and quality of the product to the order at the time of delivery of the product. Defects must be reported to the Seller immediately. The Buyer undertakes to notify the Seller of any visible defects in the product before the installation of the product, but no later than within 7 days (2 months in the case of a consumer) of the delivery of the product to the Buyer. Subsequent claims for visible defects in the product will not be satisfied.
3.10 Samples are used to approximate product quality. In the case of a product made of natural material, the natural variability of the material is also taken into account when assessing quality.
3.11 The ownership of the product is transferred from the Seller to the Buyer after full payment of the price of the product (incl. Possible default interest).

4. Sales Warranty, Seller’s Liability and Conditions of the Consumer’s Right to File a Claim

4.1 The products of Dever OÜ are covered by a two-year sales guarantee, unless the Parties have agreed otherwise. The validity of the sales guarantee is based on the invoice confirming the purchase and / or the receipt of payment. The term of the sales guarantee starts from the delivery of the product to the buyer. If a defect covered by the sales guarantee occurs during the warranty period, the Seller will repair or replace the defective product free of charge.
4.1.1. The warranty is valid for: Defects in the mechanism, design and manufacture of the product For the dimensional stability of the product (tolerance up to 0,5%) Defects made by the Seller on the product Defects in transport performed by the Seller, provided that they are fixed at the time of delivery of the product. Defects in the material and / or coating of the product, provided that they are fixed at the time of delivery of the product.
4.2 The seller is responsible for defects in the product at the time of delivery.
4.3 The Seller shall not be liable for defects in products that do not comply with the permitted limits and for defects caused by the Buyer’s fault or negligence (including improper installation, use or maintenance of the product), normal wear and tear or abnormal product conditions (humidity, temperature fluctuations, etc.). at once.
4.4 The Seller shall not be liable for non-performance or non-compliance of the Order, if it is due to circumstances beyond the control of the Seller (force majeure).
4.5 The seller is not responsible for measuring mistakes made by the customer.
4.6 The buyer has the right to submit claims regarding the product within one year from the receipt of the product.
4.7 The complaint can be addressed to the Seller’s sales offices at Kadaka tee 143, Tallinn or by sending it by e-mail to info@dever.ee, providing the following information: buyer’s name, contact information, order number, name of the defective product, time of defect, description of defect, claim. Proof of payment for the product and, if possible, photographs of the defect must be attached.
4.8 The complaint must be submitted to the Seller as soon as possible, in the case of the consumer no later than within 2 months after the discovery of the defect. Further use of the defective product is prohibited.
4.9 The Seller undertakes to review the claim and respond to it within 5 working days from the receipt of the claim. If the claim is justified, the Seller undertakes to repair or replace the product at its own expense within a reasonable time.
4.10 All disputes shall be settled by negotiation between the parties. If no agreement is reached, both parties have the right to use all legal remedies arising from the law.
4.11 Bespoke blinds are not refundable and can not be replaced.

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