Covering windows from the bathrooms to the business buildingsA reliable partner in the field of window coverings

During its more than ten years in business, Dever has helped to furnish thousands of homes and workplaces.

We are an experienced and reliable partner for home decorators as well as real estate developers, architects, interior designers and business managers. Among other, you can find our products in hotels as well as restaurants, schools and kindergartens, sports halls and hospitals, as well as in new real estate developments and commercial buildings.

The window coverings offered by Dever are mostly made by us in Estonia. The selection includes a wide range of high-quality materials, among which you will find suitable for both normal conditions and objects with more specific technical requirements.

Our partners and customers include larger and smaller companies from Estonia and elsewhere, and we are proud that our cooperation with many has been going on for years.


If you have any thoughts or questions, are interested in our products / services or think that we could discuss cooperation opportunities, be sure to contact us.

Rauno Roden | rauno@dever.ee

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