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Mounting Mounting
Measuring guide

Into window slot you should attach the window cover on the side of the window slot. This way of attaching is recommended if you wish it to look like built in window cover.

When measuring curtains into the window slot you should take it into consideration that strips could turn freely when closing and opening. The girder has to be placed at least half of blinds' width away from the window (one's width is accordingly 127 or 89 mm).

If anything is misunderstood we recommend to consult with professional, to prevent future problems. 
Measuring width. Take the horizontal scale from the bottom and top of the window (mm). Choose the nearest measurement. To get finished width of the curtain divide 5mm.

Measuring height. Measure height of the window slot from both ends and middle (mm). Choose the smallest measurement. To get finished height divide 15 mm.

 Over the window slot. Curtains like that will be attached on the wall or ceiling over the window slot. That way of attaching will allow window to look bigger, have a better view outside or hide ugly, disproportionate window and will not get on the way when opening window.

Measuring width: measure width of the window slot (mm). It is recommended to add at least three blinds' (one's width is accordingly 127 or 89 mm) width to get the final width. 

Measuring height: 


Input sizes here
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Veendu, et sisestasid mõõdud millimeetrites. 1 cm = 10 mm


Opener to the left
Opener to the right

Opening direction:

from right to left
from left to right
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