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Design assistance and consultation

It might seem that picking a window cover is simple and you don’t have to be an expert to make a right choice, but when making decisions it may become hard or you may pick a wrong solution. To prevent problems you should consider different options closely or consult with an expert.

It’s important to take notice of next points before making decision.

  • How much should window cover block heat and light?
  • How much privacy should window cover provide?
  • What material window cover is suitable for it’s properties?
  • Would it be suitable to use trendy showy or classic modest window covers?
  • What price range window covers your budget allows?

There are many opportunities of combinations. So you would not get confused and definitely find the best solution we recommend if any doubts or questions contact us. It doesn’t cost you anything, but might become very useful.

We can arrange consultations at evenings or weekends as well. You can pick a place – visit us in our office in Tallinn city center, we can meet in café with a nice cup of coffee or tea or we come to your home or office.

We value flexibility in our work so don’t give up if you haven’t found a perfect solution for you on the first sight. We always try to offer best solution for our costumers if possible. Since window covers are mostly handmade it gives us opportunity to create totally new solutions or systems for our products.