Wooden Venetian Blinds

In the middle of rapid urbanization, we want to see less and less artificial materials at home. Due to its closeness to nature, some customers prefer wooden strip curtains. They are made of natural and light wood.

Like aluminum strip curtains, one of the main advantages of wooden strip curtains is that the amount and direction of light coming from the window is easily adjustable. In the closed position, the strips almost completely obscure the window opening, while in the open position, the direction and amount of light can be easily adjusted by adjusting the strips. Due to this, the light shining into the room can form beautiful geometric patterns in the room or create a moody play of colors.

Wooden strip curtains are suitable for both classic and modern interiors due to their wide range of colors. The range of shades ranges from natural wood tones to white, black, red and green. However, the characteristic wood pattern also shines through the painted wood.

It is thanks to this wood’s characteristic pattern and warmth that wooden strip curtains create a very cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the room. Even a very strict office can be made cozy with wooden strip curtains if you wish. Despite their coziness, light-colored wooden strip curtains create a bright and airy look, while dark-toned curtains add depth, mystery and even mystique to the room.

Cleaning wooden strip curtains is very easy. The surface of the strips is not rough or crisp, so it is easy to clean with a (damp) cloth or dust brush.

White kitchen with wooden countertop, silver sink and big window with blinds
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