A textile curtain is a great choice

  • for large windows
  • for combination with technical curtains
  • to create coziness

In the case of textile curtains, decorativeness is just as important as their practicality. It is a window covering that creates the look of the space, gives coziness and personality.

Airy tulle curtains, or so-called day curtains, obscure the room of view during the day, at the same time letting in all the natural light. This curtain is mandatory to make the room more cozy and is also well suited for combination with technical curtains such as blinds or strip curtains. However, the tulle curtain does not have to be classically white at all. It can also be well matched, for example, with the color of the side curtains.

Textile curtains also play an important role in reducing noise, whether it is a large public space or a home by the street. Although all textiles are sound-absorbing due to their properties, there are also specially designed fabrics.

There are also a number of refractory and non-flammable materials to choose from. It is required in public buildings, but it undoubtedly also adds security to homes.

Curtains can also be installed on curtain rods, but installed directly on the ceiling here and the floor-to-ceiling curtain make the room seem higher and more spacious.

Curtain fabrics

The most important decision with curtains is probably the choice of fabric. Although the choice of fabrics is enormous, it must be remembered that, unfortunately, not every fabric fits in front of the window.

Intense sun can make the life of many fabrics unspeakably short. Fabrics lose their color, become brittle, stretch. Too rigid and thick – eg upholstery fabrics – do not hold up beautifully in front of the window and the result may not be what you want at all. Natural linen fabric may look attractive, but wrinkles extremely easily. Also, when choosing a curtain fabric, you must pay attention to its care – is the fabric still washable?

Therefore, special curtain fabrics should definitely be preferred. For the most part, they always contain man-made fibers. This is necessary just so that the curtain will be beautiful in front of the window even years from now. It is not to be feared that fabrics will therefore no longer look natural. Technology has come so far that it is not clear from touching fabrics that it is not 100% natural material.

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