Klassikalised lamellkardinad

For a long time, vertical blinds have been considered more suitable for office premises, but recently the advantages of their use in living quarters have also begun to be seen. Due to the wide range of materials, vertical slatted curtains make it possible to make a work or living space either strict, warm and cozy, or, for example, vibrant and colorful.

One of the main advantages of vertical slatted curtains over many other window sills is the fact that they allow easy adjustment of the direction and amount of light. For full opening, the slats can be pulled out at the front, and for partial opening, the position of the slats can be adjusted.

Lamella curtains are the most preferred option for covering very large openings. This is especially so because vertical slatted curtains look good on large surfaces, especially if there are several windows side by side. In the case of lamella curtains, the gaps between the curtains do not stand out, so the overall impression is correct and clean. The use of very large blinds and strip curtains is usually not sensible, as they are difficult to handle.

With its many uses and combinations, vertical blinds can be used both traditionally as a window covering and, for example, as a partition (to separate a bedroom in an open apartment plan, for example) or to cover a different opening.

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