Classic Roman Blinds

Roman or folding curtains have the least technical appearance of technical curtains. Roman curtains are characterized by folds when they are raised. These window coverings are ideal for home interiors, as they look very soft, cozy and warm.

Due to the wide selection of fabrics, it is possible to find a suitable curtain for any interior.

Roman curtains are very nice and stylish. When fully lowered, the curtain forms an even surface in front of the window, but when raised, decorative folds are formed in the fabric. The mechanisms and constructions of the curtain are not visible, so the curtain does not look technical at all.

Universal design

Due to their universal design, Roman curtains are suitable for a wide variety of interiors, but as mentioned above, they work best in a home interior. Lighter and softer fabrics are suitable if you want a slightly less striking and lighter solution, for a more colorful and striking solution we recommend a fabric with a stronger color tone.

Easy to maintain

Textile Roman blinds can be washed in the washing machine. Removing the fabric for washing is a breeze – it is fastened with a velcro strap.

In the case of Roman blinds, the light transmission depends entirely on the material chosen. The range includes light and relatively light-transmitting linen and other thin fabrics, as well as, for example, dense and dark almost darkening materials.

The Roman curtain is definitely suitable for you if you are looking for a stylish window covering with a pleasant and homely look for your home, but you want something different from a regular textile curtain. In addition, the Roman curtain is also suitable for offices where you want to achieve a less strict atmosphere.

In addition to traditional-looking Roman curtains, we can also make curtains with creases, edging, several fabrics or some other solution just according to your wishes.

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