Classic Roller Blinds

Classic blinds are a great choice for large windows and to combine with textile curtains.

Classic blinds are easy to install and suitable for most windows. The roller blinds are easy to handle with the help of a guide chain and, when contracted, take up little space. The roller blind can be both a purely practical window covering and an effective interior design element with a bold choice of fabric. Blinds are also suitable to be combined with other window coverings.

The classic roller blind can be installed either on the ceiling, on a wall in a window opening or inside an opening. When installing in the opening, it must be made sure that the blind is not going to interfere with the opening of the window later. A cover box can also be added to the classic blinds, which protects the fabric from shrinkage and dust.

A mini blind is suitable for installation directly on the window frame. Mini blinds are well suited for opening windows. Tamils ​​can be added to the sides of the blind, which keep the fabric in place when the window is opened and do not let it flutter. There is no need to pull up the blinds when opening the window, which allows you to enjoy the shade from the direct sun in the room on hot summer days. Another convenience is that the window sill remains free.

Transparent fabric looks through.
Semi-dark fabrics let light through, but they are not directly see-through.
Blackout fabrics do not let light through, but light may still shine on the sides of the blind.
Heat-reflecting blinds have a glossy back that helps to reflect back the heat from the sun.

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  • Choose a fabric or specify whether it should be semi-blackout / blackout / heat reflective or just what the desired result is (eg “no light in the room in the evening when the lamp is on”)
  • Specify the desired system and installation method
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