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A folding curtain is a great choice

  • windows and balconies
  • in a damp room
  • ground floor windows

The folding curtain is a conveniently adjustable window covering that provides both privacy and the necessary protection from sunlight. The folding curtain remains relatively unnoticeable if desired and can also play a simple practical role, while a wide range of fabrics allows it to be turned into an effective interior design element.

Often, the folding curtain is chosen precisely because it can be conveniently opened from both the bottom and the top. This allows you to set the curtain only where it is needed – either in direct sunlight or simply for privacy. This is especially useful for modern floor-to-ceiling windows.

The folding curtain is well suited for balconies and opening windows. Due to its low profiles, it practically does not interfere with the opening of windows and doors. As it is fixed to the window frame from both the bottom and the top, it does not need to be pulled out to open the window / door.

Many window coverings are not suitable for humid environments, but folding curtains are not a concern. Most curtain fabrics are washable in 30 degree water. Remove the curtain from the holder with a simple movement and immerse it in water. This undoubtedly makes curtain maintenance in other rooms much easier. Also, the mechanism does not have any part that does not tolerate moisture.

The system with handles does not have hanging cords and chains, which makes it even safer in families with small children.

The most common folding curtain system can be moved with handles from both the bottom and the top. The maximum width of the system is 1500 mm, but for wider windows they can be installed nicely side by side and there is only a millimeter gap between the two fabrics.

Folding curtains can be installed both directly against the glass and on the window frame. The appropriate installation method depends on the depth of the glass strip.

Transparent fabric looks through.
Semi-dark fabrics let light through, but they are not directly visible.
Blackout fabrics do not transmit light at all.
The heat-reflecting fabrics have a glossy back that helps to reflect back the heat from the sun.

Ask for an inquiry:

  1. Send us the measurements
  2. Choose a fabric or just specify whether it should be semi-blackout / blackout / heat reflective or just what the desired result is (eg “can’t see the room”)
  3. Specify the color of the profile (if, for example, the window frames are not white) and the system you prefer
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