Cassette Roller Blinds

Cassette blinds are a great choice

  • to darken the room
  • for combination with textile curtains
  • for opening windows / doors
  • children’s room

The cassette blind is a functional, but if desired, unobtrusive window covering.

The construction of the blinds is hidden behind the top box, which gives this window covering a minimalist look. Also, all mounting screws are nicely hidden under the covers. The cassette blind forms an integral part of the window and is relatively inconspicuous when pulled together. Due to this, it is also good to combine them with, for example, textile side or Roman curtains.

Although the system itself is unnoticeable, the cassette blind does not have to remain a boring window covering. We can offer a wide range of fabrics to fit any interior.

Mounting on a frame

The cassette blind is mounted directly on the window frame, which gives it several advantages over conventional blinds.

This window covering is well suited for balconies and windows that often open. The blind fabric is fully locked even in the half position and does not flicker when opening the doors and windows. There is no need to pull up the blinds when opening the window, which allows you to provide shade from direct sunlight in the room on hot summer days.

A small plus in itself is definitely that the window sill remains free.

If the depth of the window frame is very small, it is not possible to install a standard cassette blind. In this case, we can offer a system with slats, which is suitable for almost all windows. This system also shrinks less glass, as the U-shaped side rails are completely on the frame.

Cassette blinds are also safe for families with small children, because the roller blind chain is fixed and does not hang loose.

Room blackout and room temperature

A cassette blind with a blackout fabric is the surest way to darken a room. However, if light is left on the sides of a conventional blind, the side rails of the cassette blind can provide almost complete dimming.

In addition to dimming, cassette blinds can also be used to adjust the room temperature. A cassette blind with a glossy reflective fabric at the back is one of the most effective ways to prevent overheating of the room in sunny rooms with window coverings.

Of course, we have a selection of darkening, heat-reflecting fabrics as well as fabrics that meet both requirements.

Transparent fabric looks through.
Semi-dark fabrics let light through, but they are not directly visible.
Blackout fabrics do not transmit light at all.
Heat-reflecting blinds have a glossy back that helps to reflect back the heat from the sun.

Ask for an offer:

  1. Send us the measurements
  2. Choose a fabric or just specify whether it should be semi-blackout / blackout / heat reflective or just what the desired result is (eg “room should be completely dark”)
  3. Specify profile color (if window frames are not white)
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