Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most widely used technical window coverings in the world. This is because they are very practical and can be used in all rooms, both classic and modern, both wet and dry. Although venetian blinds may at first seem too technical and strict in some interiors, it is actually possible to change this impression with the right choice of materials and colors.

One of the main advantages of venetian blinds is that they can be used to easily adjust the amount and direction of light. In the closed position, the strips easily obscure the incoming light almost completely, while in the open position, the amount and direction of the incoming light can be adjusted by changing the position of the strips.

Dever offers you both aluminum and wooden venetian blinds. Both have their own advantages, and when making a choice, it is worth considering the suitability of the material for the interior. While aluminum strips are rather minimalist and stricter, wooden venetian blinds are ideal for creating a very cozy and homely atmosphere.

Due to the special treatment, the strips used are antistatic, so they do not collect dust. However, should the blind need to be cleaned, this can be done very easily with a (damp) cloth or dust brush.

Venetian blinds are undoubtedly very beautiful and give the right impression. In addition, the sunlight shining between the strips creates very beautiful patterns on the surfaces in the room. Venetian blinds are user-friendly and durable, but also affordable, which is why it is definitely a smart investment.

The choice of materials includes a very wide range of different shades, both aluminum (plain, imitation wood and perforated) and natural wood.

For more demanding customers, in addition to manually operated venetian blinds, we also offer motorized curtains, which are controlled by a remote control.

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